Your Smartest Route to Global IoT Operations

Challenges for IoT Service Providers IoT service providers do it all. They facilitate global connectivity solutions for enterprises that launch value-added-services, boost organizational revenues, adapt hardware solutions, and manage a growing amount of data. However, behind the scenes, complexity is getting in the way. This is caused by architectural constraints, performance limitations, and rules and regulations such as roaming or compliance. We say – let’s clear a path for you to focus on core business value, improving your global management and control capabilities, and eliminating the diffculties of multi-operator relationships. Download as a PDF

How to Become a Smart Vending Pioneer

Did you know that 16 billion euros in total turnover are generated by around 4 million beverage and food vending machines in Europe each year?* IoT-based smart vending offers enormous opportunities for manufacturers and operators – from cost savings in maintenance and operation, new revenue opportunities and growth potential to better customer understanding. Device Insight and Eseye have joined forces as project partners to help guide companies in the smart vending sector through the complexity and deliver IoT successfully. In this whitepaper, you’ll learn: – How to become a smart vending pioneer – How to master challenges and take advantage of new digital opportunities – The benefits of smart vending machines – Smart vending in practice: a case study with Costa Express – Device Insight and Eseye’s integrated IoT and connectivity solution for smart vending. Download as a PDF

Connecting devices at cloud-speed

floLIVE provides a secure, cloud-based global connectivity service to manufacturers that offer connectivity as additional value-added service to their customers. To enable such service, they must obtain worldwide cellular connectivity. In doing so, they face several barriers such as permanent roaming restrictions, high costs, privacy regulations and more. Download as a PDF

Bar Analytics serves data on millions of drinks with Twilio IoT

Bar Analytics relies on Super SIM to turn beer pours into insights. Thousands of years since its inception, beer (that golden, malty flavored, alcoholic beverage) is the third most consumed beverage in the world today. Today, though, most breweries have little insight into customers, buying patterns, or quality of their beer flowing through taps. That’s all changing thanks to Bar Analytics. Now global beer brands have visibility into each and every pour—including temperature, volume, and quality, by detecting line cleaning—to help deliver an experience that lives up to their brand.Serving up data with IoT At the end of the day, better quality beer means increased sales for multi-national breweries. That’s where Bar Analytics comes in. Their cellular-connected flow sensors with power, antennae, and SIM card sit right inside beer taps and turn each of those pours into valuable business data. To win and retain the largest breweries in the world as customers, it is critical Bar Analytics establishes real-time, trustworthy data connectivity.Taps running dry on data Beer taps are often under counters and in cellars where coverage can be extremely poor, making cellular coverage a challenge for their connected beer taps. Downtime in sensors means lost data—and for Bar Analytics, Read more about Bar Analytics serves data on millions of drinks with Twilio IoT[…]

AirThinx turns every indoor area into a safer space with Twilio

With one Twilio SIM that works globally, AirThinx brings its connected air monitoring solution to more than 35 countries. Invisible dangers are still dangers. Viruses, dust, and many forms of bacteria, also known as particulate matter, contaminate the air we breathe. An estimated 8 million people die every year due to poor air quality, according to the European Society of Cardiology. The negative effects of air quality is a well-studied topic, yet what to do about it and how to measure it are still not well known. AirThinx is on a mission to change that.Filling the gap in the air quality monitoring and remediation market The solution to improving air quality starts with the ability to monitor it, but the market only offers professional-only equipment (at an enormous cost) or low-quality, inaccurate devices. This gap in the market leaves hospitals, office buildings, and homeowners unable to know whether or not there is an air quality problem in their buildings. Backed by its parent company, Netronix Group, AirThinx designed a solution bundled with cellular connectivity, allowing them to avoid any business-critical WiFi networks, and established an easy “plug and play” experience for facilities managers. AirThinx filled the gap in the market Read more about AirThinx turns every indoor area into a safer space with Twilio[…]

Unique Requirements Need a Unique Solution. Meet floCORE.

floLIVE provides a secure, cloud-native core network to Mobile Operators and IoT Service Providers who are looking to launch new IoT use cases and value-added services for their customers. To make that happen, they need to ensure that their infrastructure can support the variety of IoT use cases and the associated complexities that come with them, including national regulations over core network vendors, the ability to support completely dierent device types and use cases eciently, and all the while ensuring the same level of security, performance and latency on a global scale. The floCORE solution is a 2G/3G/LTE/5G core mobile network that comprises all necessary Network Elements to build and operate disparate business models, and at unparalleled scale. To meet tomorrow’s IoT challenges such as high performance and longer battery life, floCORE supports new and emerging narrowband technologies including LTE-M/CAT-M and NB-IoT. Download as a PDF

Smooth Sailing Ahead, as Hefring Onboards floNET for Global Insight into its Marine Ecosystem

Hefring Marine is an Icelandic company, founded in 2018, with ambitions to become a leader in intelligent data processing and interpretation solutions in the maritime industry. By using telematics, the Hefring Marine digital AI co-pilot solution helps operators and fleet managers to improve safety, comfort and effciency, in real-time. The system monitors and analyzes a vessel’s speed, movement and operating conditions and provides intelligent on-board decision-making support for speed optimization, as well as on-shore capabilities for real-time tracking, statistics and reporting. As part of the solution, Hefring deploys sensors onto vessels, to track how the boats behave, their locations, maintenance requirements, and more. As the boats could be anywhere, and the company was scaling out of Iceland to new locations around the world, this needed to have seamless global connectivity, without any blind spots. By utilizing the floNET solution offered by Channel Tools, Hefring is now able to gain granular insight into the performance of its vessels, without the need to partner up with multiple vendors or mobile network operators. No matter how many vessels are out of dock, managers can see the status and activity of each boat, from one centralized dashboard. Download as a PDF