July 16, 2018

Press Release

Press Release

Fulfilling the promise of global connectivity

Did you know that 41% of enterprises consider connectivity to be a top challenge for their IoT deployments?  Once and for all – let’s make it simple.  Join Asaf Gigi, IoT expert and VP Marketing at floLIVE for our upcoming webinar: Fulfilling the promise of global connectivity. He’ll break down the existing options for global connectivity, and the pros and cons of each choice for enterprises looking to make strides with IoT.

Case Study: floLIVE helps Eseye to manage thousands of devices globally

In the race to global IoT connectivity – we’re all in it together. Today’s operators and connectivity providers are looking to each other to fill the gaps and to provide a truly resilient and robust solution for their own customers. ​So, when Eseye wanted to increase its global footprint and reduce their existing complexity of operations – we were happy to step in. Download as PDF

Secure, Cloud-based Device Connectivity Platform For Mobile Network Operators

Today, Chipset, Module and Device manufacturers all over the world are striving to increase their revenues through a “recurring revenue” model, by switching from pure hardware sales to a combined hardware + ongoing service model. To do so, they require worldwide cellular coverage for their hardware, without the complexities related to owning and maintaining a core cellular network. MNOs are facing their own challenges, with IoT and M2M devices proving to be unprofitable to most operators: Most MNOs bear an annual cost for every subscriber registered in their core network regardless of whether the device is active or the size of their ARPU. Typically, only 10% of IoT and M2M devices are active, with ARPU often lower than their annual cost. Thus, MNOs are also seeking new means and business models to attract customers to their network. Download as a PDF

Press Release

Smart Solutions for green spaces and empty homes brings community improvements in South London

Two pilot projects commencing in South London will use smart IoT technology to review usage of local green spaces in Sutton, while ensuring safety and security for a building set to be demolished in Kingston. North, the UK’s IoT service and solut…
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Nokia and ATU to speed up digital transformation and the knowledge economy in Africa

Nokia has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the African Telecommunications Union (ATU) to drive digital transformation and the knowledge economy for socio-economic development across the continent. The two parties will leverage the power of telecommunications, including 5G networks, to connect the unconnected and identify innovative use cases, as well as business models. In addition, the MoU will lay ground for both organisations to better help governments shape telecom policy, develop talent and […]

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eMobility depots reducing operating costs with AI and IoT

As the number of electric vehicles increases, e.g., in commercial fleets or public transport, overnight charging infrastructure for hundreds of vehicles will become a common feature of our cities. Simply putting charging points in place, however, will not suffice. The situation is vastly more complex: Many vehicles enter and leave a typical eMobility depot, e.g., […]

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IoT Now and Beecham Research to launch first interactive ‘IoT World Map’ for End Users

The IoT world is growing rapidly in both diversity and application. Yet, each sector has substantially different business requirements and in addition to this, they each require different business outcomes. How do different vendors at different levels …
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Smart metering: go digital to enable enhanced oversight

Smart metering Internet of Things (IoT) applications have the potential to solve the efficiency, cost and time challenges of manual metre monitoring and reading. As utilities embrace the full potential of digitalisation and strive to become more sustai…
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