Smooth Sailing Ahead, as Hefring Onboards floNET for Global Insight into its Marine Ecosystem

Hefring Marine is an Icelandic company, founded in 2018, with ambitions to become a leader in intelligent data processing and interpretation solutions in the maritime industry. By using telematics, the Hefring Marine digital AI co-pilot solution helps operators and fleet managers to improve safety, comfort and effciency, in real-time.

The system monitors and analyzes a vessel’s speed, movement and operating conditions and provides intelligent on-board decision-making support for speed optimization, as well as on-shore capabilities for real-time tracking, statistics and reporting. As part of the solution, Hefring deploys sensors onto vessels, to track how the boats behave, their locations, maintenance requirements, and more. As the boats could be anywhere, and the company was scaling out of Iceland to new locations around the world, this needed to have seamless global connectivity, without any blind spots.

By utilizing the floNET solution offered by Channel Tools, Hefring is now able to gain granular insight into the performance of its vessels, without the need to partner up with multiple vendors or mobile network operators. No matter how many vessels are out of dock, managers can see the status and activity of each boat, from one centralized dashboard.

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