IoT Connectivity for Telehealth and Telecare

Digital health, or telehealth, a thriving area of innovation, is changing how we treat and care for the ageing, sick and vulnerable. These innovations rely on IoT devices, whether in homes or on the body. Such devices rely on good connectivity to securely transmit data to the device operator’s cloud, where data is analysed in real-time, and life-improving recommendations made.

These connected healthcare innovations present a huge businesses opportunity for tech companies, and cost reduction in health, care, and insurance. As populations age and more people live with chronic conditions and disabilities, this is a rapidly expanding opportunity for both business innovation and social good. Ensuring such devices have the connectivity to reliably capture, share and analyse data is key to success.

Learn about the value of good connectivity to digital health and home care and how to incorporate it effectively. Download our healthcare whitepaper: IoT connectivity for telehealth and telecare.

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