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Thundercomm debuts SOMs TurboX C2210, C4210, C5430 to accelerate solutions in robotics, handheld devices

Thundercomm, an IoT product and solution provider announces release of new offerings in its smart IoT module portfolio to lower the barriers to enter the market and accelerate various AIoT industry segments, including robotics, handheld devices, tablet…
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Concord Technologies announces expanded Partner Program for its suite of solutions

Seattle, United States . 07 July, 2022 – Concord Technologies, a provider of cloud-based fax and intelligent document automation solutions, announced an expanded Partner Program for its Cloud Fax solutions. Partners can now provide their customers access to Concord’s Cloud Fax services directly through a dedicated account – or integrate Concord Technologies services under their own brand. The Concord […]

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Eurotech announces a new secure edge AI portfolio complying with IEC62443 cybersecurity standard

Eurotech, a multinational company for edge computers and Internet of Things (IoT) solutions, has announces its new edge servers with scalable, cybersecurity certified AI capabilities. Cyber-threats have become endemic and expose states and businesses o…
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Is ChatGPT the weight loss wonder drug of AI?

ChatGPT isn’t assisting or enhancing human creativity, it is regurgitating a configuration of the AI data it was trained on, says Scott Zoldi, chief analytics officer, FICO. An AI chatbot that can pass the content exam given by a Wharton business schoo…
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