Eseye utilises floLIVE to expand its global IoT connectivity to cut costs and complexity and achieve new growth and success

Eseye is a leading global provider of IoT connectivity. Since 2007 it has been serving more than 2,000 companies deploying IoT devices across all industry verticals. floLIVE has recently supplied Eseye with a virtual connectivity infrastructure in new regions, with complementary management and reporting capabilities via its cloud-based platform, utilising floLIVE’s rich application programme interface (API) suite. This provides Eseye with an innovative unified connectivity management solution to manage international mobile subscriber identification (IMSI) numbers from numerous operators, increasing Eseye’s global footprint, adhering to privacy regulations and roaming restrictions, improving its troubleshooting capabilities and allowing it to focus on adding value to customers by expanding into customised and personalised service for specific needs Download as a PDF

Welcome to the era of software-defined IoT connectivity

IoT organisations need to access seamless, cloud-based network solutions for IoT connectivity on a global scale in order to reach their targets of hyperscale device deployments. Nir Shalom, the chief executive of floLIVE, tells Robin Duke-Woolley, the chief executive of Beecham Research, that control of the technology stack, the connectivity and the data from end-to-end is vital to provide the connections customers with simplicity of management, a ubiquitous global footprint and access to the network technology of their choice Download as a PDF

Meeting the IoT Connectivity Challenge Needs More Than a Lift and Shift of Mobile Technology

Business Insider predicts that there will be more than 64 billion connected devices by 2025. Organizations that don’t have a global connectivity solution in place need to think fast. Cellular-connected IoT devices may seem like a smart way to get fast connectivity, leveraging the same technology that gives us mobile freedom. But IoT devices are not mobile phones. They have their own considerations and challenges, and need a purpose-built security solution, or they will never break the connectivity barrier for global enterprises. Download as a PDF

Why I Joined floLIVE, Leaving a Prestigious Role Behind to Focus on IoT Connectivity at a Start-up

Think ahead, as little as two or three years into the future. Can you imagine a world where car manufacturers aren’t tracking KPIs remotely for their vehicles? Can you envisage a situation where shipping companies aren’t using smart monitoring to keep track of metrics such as temperature, humidity and location in real-time? In fact, can you think of any forward-thinking industry that won’t be able to address a pressing challenge with the help of IoT technology? Download as a PDF

floLIVE merges with BD Innovations, Adding Advanced BSS Capabilities to its Global IoT Connectivity

Our innovative connectivity platform is continuing to make strides in the IoT sphere, attracting the best talent and gaining a reputation as an exciting improvement on traditional connectivity solutions that rely on outdated technology and patchwork relationships with various mobile operators globally. As part of our expansion, we are excited to announce our merger with BD Innovations, a next-generation cloud-native Business Support System provider for enterprises, service providers and more. Download as a PDF