Fulfilling the promise of global connectivity

Did you know that 41% of enterprises consider connectivity to be a top challenge for their IoT deployments?  Once and for all – let’s make it simple.  Join Asaf Gigi, IoT expert and VP Marketing at floLIVE for our upcoming webinar: Fulfilling the promise of global connectivity. He’ll break down the existing options for global connectivity, and the pros and cons of each choice for enterprises looking to make strides with IoT.

Private vs Public Networks, Cloud

Do your requirements spell public or private networks? Network operators can set up private networks for enterprise customers, as can cloud providers working with private or public SaaS. Market-centric clouds and networks are also beginning to emerge, which cater to special industry requirements, such as healthcare and energy or utilities. Join us at IoT Days, where Robin Duke-Woolley, CEO, Beecham Research, will be interviewing our own Curtis Govan, President Americas floLIVE, alongside Alistair Elliott, CTO, Pod Group, and Syed Zaeem Hosain, CTO, Aeris Communications.

Bringing 5G to the final mile

5G is set to change last-mile operations beyond recognition. But let’s make this personal. How will 5G change YOUR final mile logistics?  Join Bill Wark, Senior VP at floLIVE, and Mike Hegeman, VP eTRAC technologies, to discuss what 5G means for logistics, the supply chain, and that all-important last-mile visibility.

The route to IoT global connectivity, with key findings from our latest survey

Deploying IoT globally is fraught with challenges for both the Mobile Operators or the IoT Service Provider, and the enterprise customer that they are supporting. There is a balance needed to provide compliant and highly-performant global connectivity, at the same time as ensuring security, low latency, and low TCO. Roaming might have worked in the past, but for IoT – something new is essential to meet these needs.  In this webinar, we will share insights from our recent survey of both Enterprises and Service Providers. They shared their view of the barriers and the enablers for meeting the challenges of global IoT connectivity, and how to reduce operational friction when deploying new IoT use cases.

How Mobile Core Network Technology Is Taking Connectivity to the Next Level

The widespread deployment of sensors – sometimes called “massive IoT” – has brought with it a need for lower power consumption in the field.  Moderated by Jim Morrish, Founding Partner, Transforma Insights, join our panelists, Curtis Govan, President-Americas, floLIVE Arne Aßmann, Head of Strategy and Business Development at 1NCE, Fernando Baena, Head of IoT sales for Enterprise, BICS, Curtis Govan, President-Americas, floLIVE and Ajay Joseph, CTO, iBASIS, as they discuss how connectivity technologies are rising to this challenge in a big way.

How Mobile Core Network Technology Is Taking Connectivity to the Next Level

Up to now, IoT connectivity providers have focused on traditional consumer mobile network operator (MNO) metrics of coverage, cost and numbers of plans. According to a recent UK technology industry survey, decision-makers are looking for a new type of IoT connectivity service provider for specialized support, securing data for consumer privacy compliance and cyberattack concerns, and implementation of new technologies.  Using a secure, cloud-native network, IoT connectivity providers can shift from a reseller model to a complete MVNO model and offer global connectivity that is secure, flexible, simplified and scalable.   This joint webinar with floLIVE and Telit will explore how mobile core network technology’s evolution has made it possible to address these IoT enterprise customer pain points. We will answer questions, such as:  

IoT demands that we do better: The evolution of cellular connectivity

Today, there are 840 million cellular IoT devices active worldwide. By 2026, there will be 5.7 billion – an increase of nearly 700 percent. Given this tremendous growth, it is clear that the ability to connect diverse IoT device types, with different needs, at massive scale, and with global coverage, is urgently needed. This webinar will examine the role that Connectivity Management Platforms (CMPs) and global connectivity coverage solutions play in accomplishing this task. It will also examine the evolving needs of operators and enterprises, and the challenges faced by traditional connectivity management services.