Secure, Cloud-based Device Connectivity Platform For Mobile Network Operators

Today, Chipset, Module and Device manufacturers all over the world are striving to increase their revenues through a “recurring revenue” model, by switching from pure hardware sales to a combined hardware + ongoing service model. To do so, they require worldwide cellular coverage for their hardware, without the complexities related to owning and maintaining a core cellular network. MNOs are facing their own challenges, with IoT and M2M devices proving to be unprofitable to most operators: Most MNOs bear an annual cost for every subscriber registered in their core network regardless of whether the device is active or the size of their ARPU. Typically, only 10% of IoT and M2M devices are active, with ARPU often lower than their annual cost. Thus, MNOs are also seeking new means and business models to attract customers to their network. Download as a PDF

Your Smartest Route to Global IoT Operations

Challenges for IoT Service Providers IoT service providers do it all. They facilitate global connectivity solutions for enterprises that launch value-added-services, boost organizational revenues, adapt hardware solutions, and manage a growing amount of data. However, behind the scenes, complexity is getting in the way. This is caused by architectural constraints, performance limitations, and rules and regulations such as roaming or compliance. We say – let’s clear a path for you to focus on core business value, improving your global management and control capabilities, and eliminating the diffculties of multi-operator relationships. Download as a PDF

Connecting devices at cloud-speed

floLIVE provides a secure, cloud-based global connectivity service to manufacturers that offer connectivity as additional value-added service to their customers. To enable such service, they must obtain worldwide cellular connectivity. In doing so, they face several barriers such as permanent roaming restrictions, high costs, privacy regulations and more. Download as a PDF